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Survey management is essentially a enterprise feedback system. The concept appeared in 2005 and combines practices and tools used by companies worldwide to receive and process responses of consumers, partners, employees and other contractors.

Software automates and structures electronic communications with customers, integrated with business applications and embedded in business processes.

Possible applications include:

  • Collection of customer feedback about the quality of a product.
  • Organization of feedback on a corporate website.
  • Implementation of the "Mystery shopper".
  • Interviewing.

The product will be useful to:

  • Trade institutions and large retailers
  • Financial institutions
  • Marketing agencies
  • Government structures
  • Any other businesses that care about their customers

The product can be used in surveys of customers and employees - the system allows you to deliver information to customers, collect and analyze user feedback.

Software automates the three basic steps in conducting surveys:

  • Creation of profiles
  • Distribution and Data Collection
  • Data analysis and reporting.