TimelySoft is one of the leading consulting and software development companies in Kyrgyzstan, the # 1 resident of the High Technology Park. The company also engages in outsourcing projects around the world.


The company has a specific internship program.

Duration of internship from two to four months. During this time, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in development on real projects. All interns work in a team with our leading experts, which allows you to pump your skills. 


An internship is not primarily a study, but gaining experience, so for a successful passing you will need basic knowledge such as algorithms, data structures, design patterns, OOP, etc.  


What the internship will give you: 

  • Employment opportunities in the company; 
  • Real development experience; 
  • Teamwork skills with Project Managers and Team leads 

The company provides comfortable working conditions and all the resources for mastering this profession.


To apply, fill out the form.