SSL Certificates

Certificates are required for security of your website and protection of important for you and your customer information. Statistics show that the use of SSL-certificates adds credibility to your site thereby increasing the volume of orders by about 7-10%.

SSL is used by millions of websites to protect data on the Internet. It guarantees a secure connection between the server and the user's browser. The information is transmitted in encrypted form to HTTPS, and decrypted only with a special key.

The protocol requires that the server run SSL-certificate. Online stores, banks, payment systems and other organizations that work with personal data for secure transactions use such technology and it prevents an unauthorized access to information.

Secure communication channel is provided by:

  • Authentication: certificate is tied to a specific domain;
  • Encryption: The information is converted so that it can be decrypted only with a special key.

SSL-certificate has the following information:

  • A domain name to which you have SSL-certificate;
  • A legal entity that owns the certificate;
  • A physical location of the certificate owner (city, country);
  • A validity of the certificate;
  • Details of the supplier SSL-certificate.

SSL-Certificate confirms that a real company owns a domain and its owner has a right to use a secret key legally.

We offer international partner GeoTrust’s SSL-certificates to our clients.