CIPAEN - Information system for carrying out and recording of international exams


Examinations for the CIPA program are the same for all participating countries, with the exception of disciplines "Taxes" and "Legislation", which are developed individually for each of the participating countries and are based on national legislation and taxation.

Passing exams under CIPA Program is the main requirement for obtaining certificates of Certified International Accountant and Certified International Professional Accountant (CIPA).

Capabilities of the system of carrying out and recording CIPAEN examinations:

  • Recording of program participants
    • Storage of contact information
    • Storage of information on past exams (scores, dates)
    • Registration for exams
    • Storage of information about certificates
    • Storage of training related data
  • Recording of past exams
  • Control of carried out exams
    • Encoding of examinations for inspection;
    • Possibility of anonymous testing of examinations (when inspectors do not know whose examination they review);
    • Association of codes of examinations with the participants;
  • Analysis of past exams.