Geological data management system (GDMS)

General description

"Geological data management system (GDMS)" software for the State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources.

"Geological data management system (GDMS)" contains information on licenses and licensees, geological reports, plans, geological works and other data. GDMS was designed for creating, processing and presenting relevant, reliable and consistent information on subsoil and subsoil use in the Kyrgyz Republic. Software package includes databases and applications to create, edit and view information about the licenses for subsoil use of subsoil users, about the ongoing mining geological work, about the movement of mineral reserves and losses, about the extraction of mineral resources in the development, about the geological studies and etc.

Description of system modules

The above scheme visually displays communication between departments and the major software modules.

The licensing module

The core functionality of the module is:

  1. Registration of applications from the subsoil user in real time
  2. Appointment of executor to work with the application and licensing proceedings
  3. Work with the application
  4. Work with the License
  5. Registration of report templates handed over to the subsoil user licensing management department
  6. As part of optimization of reporting, given the opportunity to heads of departments to attach document templates. Daily data templates are uploaded to the site 

Licensing Commission Module

This module has the following features:

  1. The possibility of the formation of the electronic-queue for the commission.
  2. The possibility to view an electronic license case prior to committee meeting.
  3. The opportunity for all members of the commission to view license case documents through the projector
  4. When the minutes of the meeting of the Commission are attached, the document will automatically appear for staff of GAGMR under the electronic business license
  5. 2 variants of the electronic meeting of the Commission
    • The voting results are recorded by the Secretary of the Licensing Commission. The information shall be made available immediately on the shared screen to be confirmed by the members of the commission
    • Each commission member votes on his personal computer and with a personal password.

The expertise module

Analysis of the license case includes an examination of the document and addition of conclusions. The following information is added in this module: a # of the conclusion, duration, selection of expertise from the disk, addition of the protocol from the disk.

The module is being used by the following departments:

  1. Management of subsoil licensing
  2. Licensing Commission on mineral resources
  3. Regulatory Office for Industrial Safety
  4. Department of protection of mineral resources and mining industry
  5. Department of Geology

Reporting Module

This module is created to add reports to licensing case. This module is filled with the following information: a description of the report, a document from the disc, a selection of the type of report.

Accounting of reports module is used by the following departments:

  1. Licensing Commission on mineral resources
  2. Protection of mineral resources and mining industry department
  3. Department of Geology

Information resources management module

Information resources management module consists of two sub-modules: 

Geological information control module has two sub-modules

Cards of familiarity - a summary geological report, which includes:

  1. Name of the report
  2. Type of works
  3. Year of works
  4. Managers of the report
  5. A scale of maps in the report
  6. A brief description of the report
  7. The point on the map
  8. Organization that carried out works
  9. Source of funding

Cards of familiarity are used to speed up the search of geological reports.

The module allows you to perform the following functions

  1. Making information on the card of knowledge
  2. General search
  3. Search by interactive map

Mineral reserves accounting of deposits module

The module includes the following functions

Recording the balance of mineral reserves

Recording of the balance of minerals occurs as a result of the State Reserves Commission work (SRC). Addition of reserves and write-off of stocks may be made according to the results of the commission’s decision.

To make changes based on a condition of reserves:

  1. Include data about a mineral deposit
  2. Include information about the types of ores found at the deposit
  3. Include information on the types of production
  4. Categories of reserves
  5. Date of the Commission’s meeting and protocol 
  6. The reason for writing off / adding stocks

Any deposit can be divided into any number of sites, dumps, quarries, warehouses, etc. Data entry is possible for each of the deposit’s objects. Subsequently, the calculation of reserves is conducted for each of the deposit’s objects.

Data entry on the inventory reports (5,6 GR)

The company conducting the mining works should report on the movement of minerals form annually:

  • 5 GR - solid minerals
  • 6 GR - oil, gas

Reports shall be handed in by January 31. Data from the reports is linked directly to the license case. It makes it possible to determine which companies worked on the deposit in the past. The following functionality is needed to include data on 5, 6 GR reports need:

  1. The selection of license
  2. The selection of the deposit/ area / site/ etc
  3. Check the amount of reserves at the beginning of the year (data output is done automatically)
  4. Data entry on changes of stocks in each category
  5. Automatic recalculation of reserves data separately for the selected object

Automatic calculation of state balance of minerals

Calculation of data on state balance is done by the type of minerals and year. These calculations are displayed in the approved by GAGMR form. Data on the final state of the national reserves is not stored in the database. National reserves are being recalculated every time.