TS.Salary.Staff (EN) Key Performance Indicator

Assessment of the personnel effectiveness is a comprehensive software solution for the creation of an automated system of human resource management in companies at all levels and various sectors.

Assessment of the personnel effectiveness module has the following key features:

  • Management by objectives
  • Management by competency
  • Creation and calculation of the compensation model
  • Integration with external systems

"Assessment of the personnel's effectiveness" allows for describing the purpose of each employee of the organization and for assessing an achievement of the objectives through specified intervals. The evaluation results are recorded via the "Evaluation" function. Linking of objectives throughout the organization with the goals and objectives of each department and each employee in the department is supported.

System allows for describing job profiles and links to competences and qualifications of employees. Level of each position for each competency is determined depending on the specifics of this post and the goals of the particular department.

Employee level of competence can be assessed at regular intervals (for example, simultaneously with the assessment of achievement of objectives). Thus, the system can help to determine why the employee has not reached goals: due to an insufficient level of competence or for other reasons. The system allows for constant and effective monitoring of staff’s work, each employee to select the most promising and find the least effective employees. This system allows staff to analyze the lack of competence in order to development appropriate training programs for specific groups of employees based on results of the evaluation system. The system greatly facilitates the creation of personnel reserve due to the comparison function of competencies of candidates for the position.

Built-in management module is designed to ensure the reliability of the preservation of information, its relevance and reliability, ensuring the reliability of the database and its preparedness. The term "user", "group" and "rights" do not differ from the corresponding concepts of the operating system. Because of this, administration of the system can be integrated with the general administration of the network organization.