TS.Salary(EN) Personnel management system in catering networks

Personnel management system is a solution that enables organizations to automate the process of personnel records and payroll in catering networks, which have many branches. The system is simple to use and at the same time has a wide range of settings and capabilities, including the personnel management tasks.

Personnel management is compiled from the following sub-systems:

Personnel Management

The sub-system allows automating any operations of the personnel in the organization: recruitment, transfers, layoffs, vacations and more. The maintenance of personnel files of employees is supported, and also the status of individuals is managed, which is used to identify different groups of people (for example, a candidate for the position, an employee, a government employee, former employees, those designed under an employment contract, etc.). The set of supported operations personnel can easily be extended in accordance with the specifics of your organization.

Maintaining staff lists and organizational structures

The sub-system allows creating and modifying (planning) an unlimited number of organizational structures of your enterprise, and to maintain an existing structure – staff lists. The organizational structure is represented as a hierarchy of organizational units, which can be a company, a structural unit or office. Each unit can be connected to a set of arbitrary parameters, for example, full-time position may be associated with a job descriptions, a job evaluation point, performance pay - the budget for the position, the work schedule for the positions, open job positions and other indicators.

The module allows analyzing indicators of staffing structure - namely, forming a planned payroll fund, a work time fund, needs and costs of attracting staff to get other statistical and financial performance and build all the necessary reports. Availability of staff lists allows maintaining the subsystem "Accounting of staff" designation and transferring of employees to business units and staff positions.

Accounting of work time. Managment of work shifts.

The subsystem allows setting an arbitrary number of working hours and changes, both during the day and for a long time period. Company is able to automatically form a working calendar for the entire company and for individual employees, automatically calculate the standard working time for each period, as well as to take into account all the variations of a time sheet. The module also provides an opportunity to plan working hours - leave, overtime, to take into account their use, as well as compensation. Being the balance of the various categories of work and provides a standard reporting associated with the use of working time.

Calculation of salaries

The sub-system allows an unlimited number of charges and deductions; it collects salary data from personnel records and timesheets. It is possible to perform recalculations for the previous periods, change the formation of the payroll, as well as information on payments to employees and third parties. The entire necessary standard reporting on salaries can be received automatically. The module also generates cost data that can be transmitted to external accounting system.

The module has an ability to adjust to changing requirements of the legislation, given the flexibility to configure various accruals and deductions. Tariff agreements are supported that allows adjusting salaries in the context of various tariff groups and categories.

Import/export module for a system of cafe and restaurant management (1C, R-Keeper 6.0-7.0)