Pharm CRM

General description

PharmCRM System automates the process of collecting information from company's agents involved in collection of drug related information in pharmacies and from doctors, helps to effectively plan visits and promotion of drugs and monitors the results, consolidates data into a single database and provides the ability to produce detailed reports for customer's head office, as well as its regional offices.

PharmCRM Software system includes:

1. Web application

Web application allows creating directories and managing them. The system has the following available directories: users, roles, groups of managers, agents, medications, doctors and their specialty, pharmacies, presentation. Also, users of web applications can: keep track of agents' schedule in order to choose responsible agents for visits to doctors and pharmacies for distribution of certain drugs, plan visits, plan sales and promotion, view reports on visits. 

Web application created for management of pharmaceutical companies can:

  • View reports based on visits by agents to pharmacies and doctors, promotions and timetable of each agent;
  • Manage directories of pharmacies, doctors, agents, managers and their teams (accessible only by management), drugs, prices, schedules of agents;
  • Plan potentials unit sales of medicines;
  • Enter additional information (special events, offers);
  • Load presentation on drugs.


2. Mobile application

The mobile application allows to synchronize the information on your mobile device with that stored in the database, as well as: view presentations on drugs, generate reports on visits, edit saved data and send data to the server.

The mobile application enables agents to:

  1. Synchronization of directories and additional information with the server; 
  2. Establishment of reporting on visits to pharmacies and doctors
    Basic data on reporting:
    • for pharmacies: the number of units of drugs sold, estimation of prospective sales, balances, order of promotion;
    • for doctors: the number of units of assigned medication, potential physician,  order of the promotion.
  3. Edit function of the created reports;
  4. Maintaining reporting on a server (sending statements to the server);
  5. Viewing presentations on drugs.

The interaction between the mobile application and the database is provided through WCF-service.


3. WCF-service

Service that handles requests coming from a mobile device, a mobile application and is responsible for interaction with the database.