The website of the Ministry of labour and social development of the Kyrgyz Republic

Interactive portal to provide online departmental services and industry platform of the open data of the Ministry of labour and social development in Kyrgyz Republic.

The site is intended for the formation of e-services and open data of MLSD(the Ministry of Labour and Social Development) of Kyrgyz Republic, namely the ordering information about the services provided by MLSD, in terms of user-friendliness, with the aim to minimize the time spent by the user to search for the required information on a particular service, and also:

  • the use of graphical and visual components of site presentation for user convenience;
  • creation of conditions for downloading open data of the Ministry in machine-readable formats for developers;
  • creating visualizations based on online data of the Ministry, generated by an internal data collection system of the Department.

User levels and roles:

  • «Administrator» – a user who has the right to assign roles to other users, post materials, also the administrator has full access to the system settings;
  •  "Moderator" (a content manager of the site) - a user who has the right to place and describe content on the website. To provide the ability to create multiple moderators, for example, for each seperate Department office;
  •  "User" - a registered user that keeps more complete information of himself in the system to obtain a partially-electronic services which will allow him to send online requests through this website. This role is assigned to all authenticated users.
  • "Guest" - a user who can view the information on the website and read only those materials that are laid out for guest access. This role is assigned to all unauthenticated users.

Language support

The system has a localized part of the interface, which users (frontend) interact with in Russian and Kyrgyz languages. There is also the ability to add localization for other languages.