General description

Automated system SinCity is developed in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of the process of accounting and keeping statistics on customers of organizations participating in the CARHAP / DFID program.

The application includes the functionality of customer registration, customer visits, questionnaires, provision of services, directions, issuance of materials, as well as the consolidation of client data from subordinate offices and the construction of reports.


Accounting of project clients and services provided to them

The system allows you to accumulate the following data:

  • registration information about customers (encoding, gender, age, category, education);
  • information on the services provided to customers;
  • information on the redirections given to the clients, as well as on the confirmation of the receipt of the services provided by the partner organizations;
  • information on the number and composition of tools and educational materials issued to customers;
  • filled in questionnaires;
  • information about the personnel of the organization.


Organization of a common space for the account of clients

The adopted system of coding of organizations and their structural divisions working with the system, as well as the way of maintaining the directories of the system, guarantee the possibility of combining data for building analytical reporting at any level - both local and global.


Consolidation of data in any technological environment

The system does not require a connection to the Internet. Each installation of the system is independent, and file sharing is used to combine the data. This approach allows using the system even in the most remote, technologically undeveloped regions.


Providing tools for working with large amounts of data for input

The basic model of working with the system is "an operator that drives data from paper carriers." In order to facilitate this hard work, make it efficient, and reduce the number of possible errors, the system has a number of functions and mechanisms that allow you to quickly and conveniently make very large amounts of data.


Flexible adjustment in changing conditions

All classifiers of the system are stored in the form of database tables, so to expand, for example, a list of services or materials, it is enough to make changes to this table. No additional software reinstallation work or the like is required.


Provision of tools for analytics

The system provides an opportunity for the implementation of analytics. It has a powerful mechanism for filtering data, and reports are built on filtered sets. The reporting forms are developed using the most standard mechanisms of MS Excel, and are available even for poorly qualified developers.


Accounting for secondary customers

The system allows you to take into account secondary customers (ie, customers receiving services through volunteers) in two modes: when the organization knows the encoding of clients and when not. In terms of the system, the former are called "secondary", and the second - "anonymous."


Technologies used

.NET Framework 3.5



MS SQL Server 2012