General description

OnAir is an entertainment portal with high-quality professional video.
Collections of films for the whole family, a large selection of documentaries, sports programs, and a special section for children with a lot of cartoons, tales and cogs
On our site you can see videos of various genres: from serials and films, ending with music videos and video lessons.

Modules of the client part. Personal cabinet

At the resolution, the user has access to a personal cabinet through which the following functions become available:

  1. Subtitles settings
  2. Configuration of your personal information
  3. Uploading movies to the site
  4. List of movies uploaded by the user
  5. Adding a blog
  6. Adding a note
  7. View a list of custom blogs
  8. Managing subscriptions to other users' blogs
  9. Adding a DUB Video
  10. View the list of uploaded videos DUB

More about these functions will be described below.


Movies \ serials

This module allows you to watch movies and TV shows. If the user is authorized on the system, you can also add the series to favorites, mark scanned episodes and seasons, and also see the schedule of the nearest episodes of the series. For movies, TV shows and episodes, you have the opportunity to rate and leave a comment.




It is possible to watch videos by categories, for example, "Comedy", "Russian", "Asia", etc. When viewing by category, there is a filter by genre and country, and sorting by rating, alphabet, year of release, etc.



New items

This module is used to display new products on the site over the past week. Separation of new products goes by the days of addition, and also if the user is authorized and has serials added to favorites, then the schedule of the episodes of these episodes will be displayed.




This module is designed to create blogs and posts.

In order to add a new blog the user must be authorized, go to his personal office, select the item "Blogs" - "Add a blog". Enter the name and description of the blog, as well as the user's blog background is set.


In order to add a new post to the blog, the user must enter his / her personal account and select the item "Blogs" - "Add post". After that, the user selects a blog in which he wants to add a post, enters a title and description. Adds a preview image for your post, and also adds an arbitrary number of videos and images to the post. For each, if desired, the name and description is entered.


User blogs are managed when you go to "Blogs" - "My blogs".

Thanks to this, the user can edit and delete his blogs, as well as view and delete posts in the blog.


When viewing other users' blogs, it is possible to subscribe to new posts of this blog.


Managing the settings of subscriptions takes place in the dashboard by selecting the item "Blogs" - "My subscriptions to blogs". In addition to notifications on the site, you can also include an email notification about new posts in the blog.


Browsing blogs is done when you go to the "Blogs" tab.


On this page, you can also go to a specific blog by clicking on the name of the blog, or open all the blogs of a particular user by clicking on his name.

For posts there is an opportunity to put an assessment and comments.


DUB video

This section is for custom videos.

Addition of a new video is carried out in the personal office at the transition to the item "Video" - "Add video".

The user adds a name, selects a category, enters a description and adds the video file. Also there is an opportunity to make the video private, access to which have users who received a link to the video, as well as the ability to include video in the contest. Video for the contest must comply with the rules that are listed on the site.


Users upload video in any format available to them, during the addition of video to the site, it will be converted to MP4 when using the ffmpeg utility.

To view your videos, the user enters his / her personal account and selects the item "Video" - "My Videos".

On this page you can see the status of the video, for example, "Uploaded", "Processed", etc. You can also change the level of video availability by making it public or not.


Viewing DUB video is performed when you go to the tab "DUB".

This page shows all videos uploaded by users; TOP video, with the most views, and also have the ability to go to a specific category of video.


On this page, you can open a video of a particular user by clicking on his name, or go to a specific category by clicking on the category name.


For video, you can vote and leave comments.



Online TV

To watch online TV, the user must go to the "TV" tab.




Collections are a list of films and serials that users combine on a specific basis.

To create a collection, the user moves to the "Collections" tab - "Create".

The user selects the type of collection, enters the name, adds a preview image, enters a description, and sets the availability level - public or not.


To add movies and episodes to the collection, the user enters the movie or episode that interests him, selects to add to the playlist, and selects the appropriate collection.

To edit or delete a collection, the user moves to the "Collections" - "Management" item. Next he selects the collection and the corresponding action.


To view all public collections, the user moves to the "Collections" - "Public collections" item.


On this page, the user selects a collection of interest, and then gets to the page with movies and episodes of this collection.

On this page you can set the rating of the collection.

On the tab "Public collections" page, you can open collections of a particular user by clicking on his name.




Search is performed when you enter a criterion in the text box in the upper right corner of the site. As you type, the user will be offered the most appropriate set of movies and TV shows.


Access to the advanced search is performed by pressing the "Enter" key while entering the search criteria.

On the Advanced Search page, the user can mark the places in which to search.



Partner program

With this item, the user can embed a OnAir.kg widget on his site, which will allow to filter movies and serials by categories, genres and countries, and also will provide sorting of data. To do this, the user must set the necessary criteria and click the "Generate code" button


Result of inserting a widget


Modules of the Administrator part. Films

On this tab, administrators add, edit and delete movies and series, as well as episodes of serials.





Categories are a directory used to separate data by a specific criterion.

On the category page, the user can add a new category or edit an existing one.





On this page, you can add and edit banners and videos for advertising.





This module is the shell for the p2p data download service. You can edit, view and delete the form.



New items

On this page, new items are made that are visible to users of the site.





This page moderates the videos that users have added. You can filter video by status, search by name, and search competitive video.



A list of users

On this page you can see the list of users, as well as the setting of certain rules.




On this page you can view specific site statistics, for example, a list of all movies, episodes for replacement, etc.




This page is for modifying subtitles.




This page is used to manage directories, such as, genres, countries and languages.



All seasons

The page is used to manage the seasons of the series.



Hidden Movies

The page is used to remove hidden movies and TV shows.



Used technology


F# DataProvider