Mobile Virtual card (VC)

General description

Mobile virtual card with CRM is a system for increasing customer loyalty, which can work in any service industry. The system allows you to keep a record of guests and customers, spent money for each user, introduce a loyalty system in the form of discounts, cumulative points and free bonuses. At the moment the system is tied to the CRM RKeeper system, but can be quickly transferred to any other CRM product

The system is built on the following subsystems:

  1. Central Interaction Service
  2. Admin site
  3. Mobile card(mobile app)
  4. User Website

Central Interaction Service

This service works with some CRM system as a store of information about users. It also has its own database, for accounting of registered users, and also for their validation in the system. The service interacts with CRM using HTTP requests, or directly, using system calls.

For mobile clients, the service acts as a REST api, to which clients send queries and receive answers that are needed to work or display information to the user.

The site of the administrator and the user's site use the same service, but only on the SOAP protocol, more extended and functional.

Central interaction service includes a submodule for sending SMS messages. The module for sending short messages receives an xml-request from the CRM, which then redirects to the SMPP server, which in turn sends messages to cell phones of all cellular operators in Kyrgyzstan.

Administrator website

                Administrator website is a convenient tool for editing and adding news, descriptions, shares of the institution. It also allows you to manage all user accounts and validate them. In the event of the emergence of problematic situations related to the violation of the business processes of the appearance of the user of the system, almost everything is solved from this site.

Mobile card (mobile app)

               Mobile card is a mobile application for the most popular platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), which allows the user to get all information about their status, their discounts and savings, read the latest news of the institution, and quickly and conveniently present a personal card: at the click of one Button, the QR code is opened, which is read by the terminals installed on the side of the institution, and the binding of the account to a particular client.

                Functionality of the mobile application:

  1. Main page. It contains several sections of the application in a user-friendly form. For easy navigation to the news list, map, social networks and quick access to QR code
  2. QR code. Displays this code on the entire screen of the application, so that visitors can quickly and easily show it, to get discounts and points in the institution
  3. Personal accounts. All information about savings, earned points and user discounts
  4. Coupons. Available coupons for the user, which are a free meal or a discount for a certain type of food, or a discount for a certain date.
  5. Settings. The contact information of the user, his date of birth.
  6. Invitation of a friend. In this section, the user can invite his friend to use the system and get bonus points for this.
  7. News. This section contains all the news of the institution, promotions, conditions for using and receiving discounts
  8. Other. In this section there is information about the branches, their location on the interactive map, phones, links to official pages on social networks.

Mobile applications are developed with the help of native development tools, which ensures high quality and high speed of operation.

User Website

Includes authorization using the login and password received during registration in the mobile application. Displays all the information that is available in the mobile application, namely:

  1. Information about personal accounts, points, discounts and funds spent
  2. List of available and spent coupons
  3. News of the institution
  4. Personal information and editing of personal information.

Used technologies

C#, .NET, SOAP, REST, ASP.NET, WCF (сервис+сайт)

Android-SDK, Java, Android Visual Studio, Picasso, FaceBook SDK (android)

Objective-C, CocoaPods, RestKit (iOS)

With this system they also acquire: "TS.Salary", "R-Keeper".