Intech online store

General description

The site is an online store with a wide range of different technologies: computers and various accessories, accessories, peripherals, network equipment, office equipment, digital photo and video cameras, video projectors and other equipment for presentations, the latest communication tools are telephones and Faxes.




The main module

The module contains all the main functions of the online store: search by all categories within the same category, navigation by goods, categories, filtering of goods, shopping cart, comparison function, etc.

The home page of the site contains a search (at the top of the page), a shopping cart and a comparison of products (at the bottom of the page):




To register, users need to enter contact information, get tested:



To order goods there is no need to register and / or log in under your account, but if desired, the user can log in with his login:



Goods can be filtered by several different fields and also sorted by them. There is also a search function in the product table. The table of goods can be presented in several variants: Table, Table with images, Bar.



Navigation is carried out by categories and subcategories, search is possible by goods. Search results are presented in a variety of tables depending on the categories in which the products were found according to the specified text:



Comparison of goods occurs within the same category for all product parameters:



All goods for purchase are collected in the basket. In the basket you can choose the quantity of a particular product, delete, add other goods:




To order the goods, the user must enter the contact information: