Information booth



These terminals allow citizens, without direct contact with employees, to quickly obtain full information related to the opportunities and rules of organized employment programs at home and abroad. Using information kiosks and terminals allows:

- provide citizens with full and reliable information with convenient and simple access;

- assistance in planning the selection of free vacancies;

- to improve the quality and speed of service of citizens;

- the possibility of structuring a large amount of information.

Information terminals contain the following information:

- on the activities of the Center for the Employment of Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- private employment agencies that received permits in accordance with the established procedure;

- current vacancies of the Citizens Employment Center;

- current vacancies of the Bishkek city administration of the MTM & M of the Kyrgyz Republic;

            - reference materials.


When implementing this project, the following technologies were used:

Database of MS SQL Server 2012.

Client and server part: WPF, F # Data, DevExpress, WCF service, Windows service, AspNet Identity.


The project consists of 3 modules.


  1. Module of the client part

It is installed on the terminal of the information kiosk, where the applicant can get all the necessary information about vacancies, various reference materials, etc. Having chosen a vacancy, the applicant can leave an application that will be sent to the server part through the synchronization module for further analysis and approval.

Fig. 1: Module of the client part "Main menu"


Fig. 2: 


  1. Server Part Module

Application for working with information on vacancies, reference information, etc., as well as obtaining information about the applications left from applicants. Vedenaya information enters the client module using the synchronization module.

List of agencies that will be used in the future in the program



  1. Synchronization module

Allows you to exchange information between the database server and client parts, to maintain the relevance and reliability of the data.