The electronic licensing system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (subcontract)

Customer TOO «Sky-Tech» (contract with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

General Description

Information system " E-licensing State database" "was created to automate the processes of licensing, permits and ensure effective, transparent mechanism for information exchange between public authorities - licensors and businesses community of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The system is implemented within the framework of the formation and development of "electronic government" in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State program for accelerated industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010 - 2014.

"E-Licensing” Portal ( provides individuals and legal entities (individuals and organizations) with the following benefits:

  • Obtain information on how to obtain licenses and permits, to familiarize yourself with the qualification requirements and the list of required documents, according to regulatory legal acts;
  • Submission of electronic application to receive and reissue documentation; an integration and optimization eliminates the need to submit statutory documents of the organization, documents certifying the identity of the applicant, and other information that can be obtained from the state information systems;
  • Control the timing and status of review of electronic applications;
  • Monitoring of the processing of the application, receiving detailed refusal documentation in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Receiving results in an electronic format, and licenses and permits which are issued in a paper form or by central office are also stored in the portal in electronic format;
  • Storage of electronic documents in a private office;
  • Reporting to the state agency in electronic format;
  • Checking the validity of licenses and permits from the public web site.

The system is integrated with 27 information systems, including: 6 - Transfer of licenses / permits to "interested" state department, 12 - request for information; 1 - information integrated system for citizen service centers, 9 - automation of departmental functions.