AISS ER (Automated Information Statistical System Electronic Reporting)

General description

AISS ER  is a system that automates the stage of gathering statistical data of the NSC KR. The system allows respondents to submit statistical reports electronically, and the NSC KR to reduce the time for input and processing of information, to reduce material costs, to improve the quality of information provided and to rationally use available resources.


​This module monitors the provision of reports by respondents on the forms related to them.

This module provides training videos for all users of the system.


Employees of NSC GVC and respondents can exchange messages, notifications and instructions.

Each employee of the NSC MCC is assigned to the relevant department, and can work either at this level or down the hierarchy.

The employee of the NSC GVC searches for a specific respondent by the unique OKPO code, and also checks the correctness of the data provided by the respondent. The completed reports are checked at each level of statistical offices.

The respondent and the employee of the NSC MCC can change the information related to the specific subject of statistics. Any changes in the respondent's data are reflected in the register. 

Each respondent refers to a variety of categories that determine his type of economic activity, the quantitative composition of the investment made, the scale of the enterprise, etc. Each category contains a mandatory form. The respondent can download an online form for filling out online, fill in the website, view the completed forms, duplicate data from the previous period, download a completed offline electronic form.

The respondent or the employee of NSC MCC is engaged in filling out the electronic form. Before sending to the centralized storage, the arithmetic-logical control of the entered data is carried out and errors are displayed.

In this module, the structure of sections of the NSC KR is built.

Employees of NSC MCC design electronic forms, add time periods for filling out reports by respondents, sections, indicators, arithmetic and logical control, description of indicators, units of measure and other information related to the form.

The administrator registers performers for a specific statistical unit..

The administrator registers the local OKPO codes.

The administrator registers the employees of the NSC of the HCE.

The administrator adds categories and identifies the characteristics by which respondents belong to a specific category.

The administrator adds categories and identifies.


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